April 23rd: Sand Dunes and Mesa Verde

                Today was the beginning of our Southwest fieldtrip. We woke up to an extremely windy/rainy day and had an adventure just trying to get on the bus without getting soaked. I was so tired, because Megan, Emily, June, and I stayed up pretty late—this was due to excitement, and my cat, Chubs, who decided to attack us during the night. I definitely chased him around with a glass of water for about five minutes after that.

My mom drove us to the school at 5:30 am. As soon as the bus took off, most everyone fell asleep…including me. When I woke up we were at the sand dunes and it was snowing! I just happened to be wearing flip flops (because Emily convinced me). My feet were freezing. All of us were kind of disappointed that we couldn’t play in the sand, but Mr. Hazlett said that we could come back Wednesday. I’m pretty sure that we are going to look for some kind of sled at Walmart in the next few days. We got out at the sand dunes anyways, though, so we could go into the gift shop. I bought a couple of postcards because I plan on making a scrapbook of the Southwest trip when I get home. The whole class took a picture in front of the sign at the sand dunes while it was snowing outside, and then Mr. Hazlett and Mr. Rossi started throwing snowballs at us, which would have been funny if I wasn’t wearing flip flops!

We got back on the bus for the longest ride of my life—me and everyone in the back of the bus played card games and an epic round of charades (which our team totally won). Five hours later we finally got to Mesa Verde and spent a really really really long time in the bus trying to climb the mesa. It was like the little engine that could. We stopped halfway up, and June and I ran to the bathroom—we got back on the bus just in time.

After what seemed like forever, the bus made it to the actual Mesa Verde ruins, where we took our tour. Here, I gave Mr. Hazlett the nickname “Papa Hazlett”. The tour was both good and bad. Bad things about the tour: It was freezing, and the lady who ran the tour didn’t really tell us anything we hadn’t already learned in class. In fact, she actually got the date of the Pueblo Revolt wrong (she said it was 1640, but it was actually 1680). Good things about the tour: Pretty much everything else. Climbing down into the ruins was particularly amazing, especially since I want to be an archaeologist when I grow up—this was right up my alley. All of us took an enormous amount of pictures (which I will need to collect to make the slideshow when we get back) and got to climb on wooden ladders throughout the ruins. I just wish the weather could have been warmer for our visit.

After piling back onto the bus, we made our way to Pizza Hut, where I consequently ate my weight in Pizza. Then it was off to Walmart to get snacks. I got ice cream, pizza lunchables, Pringles, and of course, Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream (which I am totally eating as I write this). Right now we are in Cortez, sitting inside of a motel that is just a little bit sketch. It’s all good though, because Emily and Megan figured out how to make makeshift coolers to keep our lunchables in delicious form. Anyways…I am really excited for the Grand Canyon tomorrow, because I have never been.

 In the words of Ron Burgundy, stay classy.


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