Fry bread is my new best friend.

Fourth day of the trip, son! We got to sleep in a whole hour! After getting ready, I went downstairs and Mary and I played the old piano in the lobby of the El Rancho. It was amazing! Except the pedal didn’t work. I got on the bus to sit by Kracker and we pretty much attacked some chocolate and powdered donuts.

I was actually productive today on the bus and read Brave New World for Lit class. Then we got to El Morro! June, Emily, Megan, and I got postcards and signed the little welcome book. We broke up into groups and went on the tour of the rocks. It was really neat to see the different signatures on the rock and how old they were. Over 2,000 signatures/petroglyphs are there, and we only saw a fraction of them. While on the trail, Mrs. Stacy caught a snake and I pet it! Unfortunately, we were crunched for time and didn’t get to see the Atsinna ruins, which I was looking forward to. But it was time to move on to Acoma.

Our bus pulled up to a casino near Acoma, and we ate at a Chinese Buffet. If I had to eat one thing for the rest of my life, it would be eggrolls. I was so happy that I got my eggroll fix today. The bathrooms at that place were pretty fancy, but not as fancy as the ones at Acoma, which we arrived at about thirty minutes later. We all went into the gift shop and I bought some more postcards and a wooden flute. I’m not sure how to play it, but I will definitely figure it out. There were also street vendors outside, where famous Acoma pottery was being sold. Emily and I got necklaces that have a pottery pendant on them. Mine has a painting of a bird on it, which symbolizes wealth. I didn’t pick it because I like money. I just like birdies!

Then we got into the little shuttle buses that took us to the top of the actual mesa and started our tour. Our tour guide was really funny, and was native to the Acoma mesa. My favorite part of the tour was the San Esteban del Rey Mission. It was so beautiful inside, and I was sad that we weren’t allowed to take pictures. The paintings inside were vibrant, and the statues of the Patron Saints were interesting to learn about. I also like the view that the 367 foot mesa offered, and the fry bread as well—it’s like a better version of funnel cakes. Most of our group decided to take the stone path down the mesa, rather than ride the bus back. It’s all part of the experience! Some places were so steep, we had to sit on our butts, but we got a really cool victory photo at the end, so it was definitely worth it. Acoma is one of my favorite places we have visited so far.

The bus left Acoma , and arrived in Santa Fe, New Mexico at our hotel. Megan and I sat in the hot tub with some other people, and then we had a Ramen Noodle date in the lobby. It was quite magical. Right now, we are all hanging out in the hotel room working on a super secret mission  Anyways, tomorrow is our day in Santa Fe. I am especially excited to see the Georgia O’Keefe art gallery. I am definitely ready for bed though, because we have to leave by 7am, and our hotel has free breakfast (I saw waffle makers!) so I have to get in on that action.

Stay classy.


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