Santa Fe, here we come!

Today was the fifth day of our epic quest through the Southwest. ‘Twas a day of walking. Me, Megan, June, and Emily had set our alarm clock for five so we could get our delicious waffles. The alarm didn’t go off. Thankfully, I woke up at seven or we would have been left behind! The bus left at seven thirty so I magically got ready in twenty minutes and we all got on the bus on time.

The first stop of the day was Pecos National Park. Pecos itself was actually really cool—the archaeological excavations were especially interesting to me. We even got to go into a kiva! It was hard to breathe, but really cool. Our tour guide was really nice, but she talked a lot! If I ever come back to the Southwest and go to these same places, I don’t think I will do a formal tour again. I wanted to skip certain parts and stay longer in others, which really isn’t conducive on a guided tour.

After Pecos, Megan and I realized that we had left our bathing suits at the previous hotel since we had overslept and were rushing to get everything together. Thankfully, the bus was on its way to Santa Fe, and we would be driving back on the same road that the hotel was on. Megan ran inside and got our bathing suits, so I was quite happy about that.

Then…the walking began! We started our journey at the Georgia O’Keefe Art Gallery. I really enjoy her paintings of flowers and shells, and a few of the abstract ones as well. The other woman’s exhibit, Susan Rothenberg, I didn’t care for. Her paintings scared me a little bit. After the art museum, it was time for the Governor’s Palace. This was a huge (and I mean huge) museum about the history of New Mexico. It was probably one of the coolest museums that I have ever been to. The World War II portion of the museum was my favorite, because I like the era so much. Emily and I finished walking through the museum together, and one of the guys that worked there let us try on authentic Spanish armor. It was so heavy! I took a picture in a warrior pose. I thank yoga for that one. After the museum, we went to the Loreto Chapel and the San Miguel Mission. The Loreto Chapel was so beautiful inside, and my favorite part was the staircase. And the stained glass windows as well. I have never taken so many pictures in my life. We walked down the street to see the San Miguel Mission, but we didn’t go inside.

Bus time again! We drove to the church at Chimayo, which was so interesting. A bunch of us got the “magic” dirt that is supposed to heal you if you are sick. I’m not sure if I believe it, but it’s a good failsafe. The church itself was just beautiful, and I spent a good ten minutes just sitting at the church and looking up at the painted altar. Sadly, it was time to leave for Taos, which we arrived at about an hour later. All of us ate dinner and then sat in the hot tub and played games. Good thing I got my bathing suit! Since tonight was the last night of the trip, we had a mini party in our hotel room. We watched Youtube videos and talked and whatnot. I can’t believe tomorrow is the last day of the trip! That means tons of homework. Sad day.

Well, tomorrow I am excited to see the Taos Pueblo and re visit the Sand Dunes when it isn’t snowing outside so I can run around! Stay Classy.


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