The end of it all.

We woke up today to the last day of our Southwest trip—last night was so much fun because everyone came to mine, Megan, Emily, and June’s hotel room to hang out. Some people were sitting in the hall, and others were in the room watching videos and eating and talking. We also sat in the hot tub and got to know each other…Maybe a little too well! We took pictures, and then got in bed, intent on getting some sleep. However, we all stayed up laughing and talking until about two in the morning. That five o’clock am alarm was not a pretty sight, but at least we didn’t oversleep!

After getting ready we went down to eat a delicious breakfast of French toast, and then got on the bus to head for the Kit Carson home in Taos. We got there and it was closed! So we walked to the Kit Carson cemetery, and then went to the Hacienda de los Martinez. This house was really cool and it was neat to see how an upper class family would have lived back then. We then went back to the Kit Carson House, and it was open—we watched a video and toured his house. I think for us, since we live in Colorado and a lot of us even on Fort Carson, Kit is pretty significant. I can’t believe how small his house was, considering he was a fairly prominent figure in society.

Thankfully, it was lunch time! All of us hit up some McDonald’s and pretty much destroyed it in five minutes. Then, we started back to towards the Sand Dunes, since it had been snowing the first day we had been there. Today, there was no snow…only severe (and I mean gale force) winds! We had to wade across the mini river to get to the dunes, fighting the wind the entire time. When we got to the actual dunes, the sand was blowing so hard and smacking our legs that it hurt to walk! We came back and played in the water for awhile before getting back on the bus.

From there, it was a three hour bus ride home. None of us could get off of the bus fast enough. It was nice to come home, shower in my own bathroom and eat a meal that I didn’t buy at Walmart or some fast food restaurant. But looking back, I really miss the trip. While on it, there were times when I just wanted to come home. Now I see, that I will probably never visit any of these places again, and if I do, it will be at a completely different time in my life and it won’t be the same—the people won’t be the same. I got a lot closer with people on this trip, and I can honestly say that the trip will be one of the things that I take away from high school.

We are all graduating in three weeks’ time, so it was such an amazing experience to be able to get away for six days and see the southwest with a great group of people. I have so many stories, memories, souvenirs, etc. and I will never forget these past six days and how much fun I truly had.


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